Electric Motors

We at HVAC Electrical Engineering are aware of the need to respond quickly to all our customers’ maintenance and repair problems. and our motor repair shop has an excellent reputation both in its speed of service and quality of repair. In the case of an emergency breakdown we will work continuously round the clock until the motor is returned to you.

Our expertly trained staff are well versed in all aspects of electric motors, including AC & DC motor repairs and rewinds. We are on hand 24 hours a day seven days a week to ensure minimum ‘down time’ and subsequent loss of production.

All equipment received by the company for repair is given equal consideration from receipt of the initial phone call and subsequent collection, through to delivery. Each motor is tested at the initial dismantling stage to establish the extent and cause of damage and continues to be tested at each stage of the repair process, through to completion and final test. All tests are recorded in accordance with AEMT and BEAMA codes of practice and every pump repaired by the company, whether it be submersible, centrifugal, close-coupled etc., is pressure tested.

The electric motor repairs division of the company also undertakes on and off site electro-dynamic balancing. We also supply labour to site for internal maintenance projects such as overhauling and refurbishing electric motors. All staff working on site are S.C.A.T.S. trained and approved.

With over 40 years experience we are your Number One choice in all things electric motors!

Motor Rewind