HVAC Services

HVAC fan unitProviding HVAC services is our focused profession. Ensuring your HVAC units are running at their best is our priority.

That’s why we look to turnaround our HVAC work in the fastest possible time. When we carry out our HVAC repairs, we look at what’s wrong with the unit before setting about the task.

It could be something simple or more complicated, but either way we will get the job done.

Our repairs consist of any of the following: Overhauling the motor(s), dynamically balancing the fan(s), repairing the frame springs, adding or removing slide mount plates, cleaning the units (Including the Bag filter and damper chambers).

Or, we could simply change over the panel and bag filters, as overtime dust and objects can reduce the airflow and effect performance and we can carry out cleanroom commissioning validation verification services optimising the efficiency of your HVAC units.
Small HVAC

We have worked with some of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers, providing them with an excellent service and friendly manners.  

And we can do that do that for you too! 

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now and we can arrange to visit your site and inspect your HVAC system to devise the best solution to achieving the best performance from the units.